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 Recognized for its strong aroma, this tangy, creamy delicacy is a
favorite because of its washed, edible rind and distinguished taste. Its
origins come from the town of Liège, Belgium. The cheese was sold
there in the 14th century, and at that time a Limburger-type cheese
was used as currency to pay taxes. Known as the “stinky” cheese,
Limburger has a pungent smell because of the bacteria used to
ferment it. Although it is an odorous cheese, you will be surprised by
its mild texture and taste! If you want to have Limburger with a
stronger taste to match the smell, just choose one in a more ripened
stage. A creamy cheese that is mostly an acquired taste, Limburger
continues to be a popular favorite and a staple for every cheeseboard.
It is commonly served at the end of a meal with strong coffee, bread or
crackers—even fresh fruit such as pears, pineapples green grapes,
apples, oranges or cantaloupe. It can also be added to soup. It is said
that Limburger is the best when accompanied by a good beer – try this
German way of enjoying this robust, ethnic cheese! Just get beer,
bread, Limburger, and cut fresh onion into rings dipped in vinegar and
invite your best friends for the fest the Bavarian way!



Only Special order, Size 6 oz, price approx. 7.95




Basils Original Rauchkase (8 ounces) by Gourmet-Food
Basils Original Rauchkäse:

 is a German semi-soft smoked cow's milk cheese that was originally crafted by Trappist Monks
in the Abbey of Rotthalmunster. Today the modern, Bavarian cheese is manufactured by the
Bergader Private Cheese dairy, which was founded by Basil Weixler in 1902. Clearly the cheese is
named after him.

Still produced in accordance to the monks' old traditions, the cheese is cold smoked over beech
wood which gives it a rich, creamy texture and special, smoky flavor. The yellow cheese has
small holes and a dark orange natural rind.

Basils Original Rauchkäse is an ideal cheese for sandwiches, grilling, and would add a special
smokey flavor to your raclette. Dry white wine, a soft red wine or a cold glass of beer.

1lb/ 25.95


Smoked Gouda "Boerdespeck"
Country Hand Cheese w/mold

Smoked Gouda Boerdespeck / Size 8.8oz $13.95







Product Code



Country Hand Cheese w/mold

Unit / Size

4/8.75 oz


Only Special Order

Homestyle Hand Cheese
Hand Cheese Deluxe

Home style Hand Cheese 7 oz 14.95





Hand Cheese Deluxe 7 oz $9.05

Brie "Select"

Product Code



Brie "Select"

Unit / Size

12/4.5 oz


Only Special order



Champignon Camembert and Brie in tins are perfect for both indoor and
outdoor enjoyment. Whether you take them along on a picnic or on a
lengthy expedition. Its flavor always goes the distance.



Product Code



Champignon Camembert in Tins

Unit / Size

12/4.5 oz






Camembert "Select"
Butter Cheese (Pack varies)

Product Code



Camembert "Select"

Unit / Size

12/4.5 oz


Only Special Order


$17.95 / lb - like a strong Tilsiter




German Kochkaese






Kochkaese $6.95 / pc Imported from Germany. A new,
improved version of this delicious Kochkäse made with
skim milk and butter is now available. Smooth, creamy
and pleasantly flavored, this spreadable cheese is
excellent with crackers, Knäckebrot or on your favorite
German bread. NET WT. 7 OZ (200g) Ingredients: skim
milk, butter, salt, bacterial cultures. 20% in dry matter.








Quark $9.85 / lb Product Features

. A German specialty made in Vermont

Similar to Fromage Blanc but higher in fat

. Make your own cream sauce
or pastry filling

. Made in the USA from pasteurized milk

. Makes a great cheesecake


Product Description Quark is a German word that simply means
curds. This cow’s milk cheese, produced all over Central Europe,
is virtually identical to Fromage Blanc, but with a slightly higher
fat content. Quark is eaten like yogurt, blended with fruit. It is
also a common ingredient used in European pastries, savory and
sweet sauces, spreads and soufflés. Quark is so popular in
Germany that it accounts for almost half of that country’s total
cheese production. The average German eats about 10 lbs. of
Quark a year!

European-style Fresh Cheese

German for “fresh curd,” quark is a fresh and slightly drained cows’ milk cheese that is similar to
old-fashioned cream cheese. Inspired by its versatility and at the request of European chefs, co-
founders Allison Hooper and Bob Reese crafted their first batch in 1985.

At the creamery, Quark is made from fresh local milk that is coagulated overnight into fresh
curd, then drained in cheesecloth and whipped with a trace of crème fraîche. Its low butterfat
content and smooth texture make it a great base for fluffy cheesecakes and mousse. Top with
granola for breakfast or mix with anything from mashed potatoes to boysenberries, and it earns
its keep with flair.




This high-quality blue cheese stands out among blues because of its mild flavor,
which makes it a favorite for everyone. Made with less salt than other blue
cheeses, Dorblu still has the smooth and creamy texture one expects from blues.
This cheese is very popular in the worldwide markets because of soft consistency
and subtle but distinct flavor. Invite Dorblu to your next party. It has the perfect
taste and consistency to snack on while you party with your guests. Just cut
Dorblu into cubes or small slices and serve it accompanied by crackers for an
easy and delicious snack. Dorblu is also great on top of salads, with pasta, in
sauces, dressings and soups. It’s great in lasagnas, dips, with spaghetti, quiche,
creams, and on the top of pizza. If you want a delicious blue cheese on the table,
Dorblu is the best choice. Dorblu is best with red wines such as Cabernet,
Zinfandel, Syrah, or white wines like Chardonnay and beers such as Pilsner

C $
16.95 /lb





$16.95 /lb












Bring tradition to today’s table with Montagnolo, a blue
cheese with a buttery, rich texture and a robust taste. It
differs from our Cambozola because it ripens at a cooler
temperature and the ripening process lasts longer, lending
Montagnolo a unique, slightly sweet flavor. But what
makes this top-of-the-line triple-cream soft-ripened blue
cheese truly upscale is its slightly piquant taste, with a
white to gray rind and distinct blue veining. Montagnolo is
inspired by Renaissance cheese delicacies made centuries
ago in our native Bavarian mountain region. This cheese
is commonly used as a dessert cheese, in sauces, in salad
dressings and to top off main courses. Try it with a little
warm honey for a succulent taste your friends and family
will adore! Connoisseurs and those new to cheese-tasting
will admire the rich taste and consistency of this opulent
cheese. Best with a dessert wine or medium- to full-
bodied wines.



$16.95 / lb






Rediscover fine cheese with our signature soft-ripened triple-cream Cambozola.
This distinctive cheese features delicate blue veining, but is neither blue nor
brie. The secret to this cheese’s popularity lies in the rich Bavarian milk used in
its production, which lends Cambozola an extraordinary flavor and velvety feel.
This popular cheese is the perfect addition to any cheese plate, or atop a
sandwich for an upscale twist. It is well-suited for appetizers, salads, sliced
meats and sauces. Cambozola’s name ties this cheese to the history of our
Allgäu region: in 300 A.C.

$16.95 / lb













With its orange washed rind and buttery consistency, this decadent triple-
cream soft-ripened cheese provides an attractive appearance on any table
with its distinct orange tint on the outer edge and the white brie mold on
top. But Rougette has a taste all its own, ready to be discovered. When
served on your next gathering, your family and friends will love the sweet,
buttery taste spread on crackers or bread! Treat yourself and your guests to
this lush, spreadable cheese! It is best eaten at room temperature and
paired with fruits such as mangos, kiwis and strawberries. It also pairs well
with pecans, walnuts and hazelnuts. Rougette is a perfect cheese to melt on
top of food: try it melted on your steak or slice of bread. For a delicious side
dish, place Rougette on top of sliced cooked potatoes and pop the dish into
the oven to let the cheese melt. Goes great with a spicy wine, Champagne,
as well as medium- to full-bodied varieties.








Mirabo Walnut

The finishing touch on any cheeseboard, our double-cream Mirabo Walnut
offers a creamy background of soft-ripened cheese with walnuts that add a
distinct flavor. This tasty combination of the calcium from the cheese and
the fiber and protein from the nuts makes Mirabo Walnut an indulgence
that’s good for you, too. With its unique blossom shape and white mold,
Mirabo has an unmistakable appearance that can jazz up any cocktail party
table. With its rich, silky texture and finely crushed walnuts that complement
it, Mirabo Walnut will add a chic touch to your next gathering. Ideal with
sparkling, fruity or sweet fortified wine, such as Australian Port.



16.95 / lb














Mirabo Crème Fresh

A soft consistency sets off the slightly tart flavor of the crème fraiche in this
double-cream cheese. The crème fraiche in this cheese gives it a rich, nutty taste
that is truly distinct. With its full-blown flavor, this soft-ripened cheese will be a
welcome addition to any cheeseboard, dish, or dessert. Commonly served for
breakfast spread on top of pancakes or waffles—it’s great with maple syrup or
anything sweet—it is also best served with fresh fruit such as strawberries and
raspberries. Goes best with extra dry champagne or medium- to full-bodied
white wines.


$16.95 / lb






Mirabo Mushroom

This double-cream, soft-ripened cheese has a mild mushroom flavor derived
from hand-picked German A-quality champignon mushrooms that give it a one-
of-a-kind zest. The champignons used for this cheese are harvested at the
optimum time to provide the best mushroom flavor experience. Pair this cheese
with your favorite bread or crackers for a lavish treat. Goes best with light,
white wines; when served with red wines, select full-bodied varieties.


$16.95 / lb











Champignon De Luxe Garlic

Spice up your Brie with the popular, trendy tang of garlic and other fine herbs in
our Brie with Garlic (Champignon de Luxe Knoblauch). Known for its health
benefits, garlic enhances the taste of the double-cream, soft-ripened cheese. It’s
not a mild cheese, but the natural flavoring of garlic to this cheese is a perfect
combination. Added to this double-cream cheese, the savory taste of garlic is an
ideal choice. Our Brie with Garlic is destined to be a favorite at your next soiree.
Melted on top of steak or bread, it will add that special something to any meal.
Perfect with subtle-flavored red Bordeaux wines, or flowery strong white wines.

$16.95 / lb













Champignon De Luxe Pepper

$16.95 / lb




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